How Scott Sessions Created His Thriving Business Sessions Be-Fit

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Scott Sessions made a name for himself in the golfing world way before getting into fitness. Scott was named the #1 junior golfer In the Metropolitan Area during his senior year at Pleasantville High School in 2012.

At the start of Scott’s sophomore year in college, he fell in love with fitness. Scott credits his roommate/college golf teammate, Samuele Riva, for helping him with the basic fundamental exercises to get him started. Once Scott realized how fast he was making progress and how much he enjoyed working out, he decided to dig deeper and self-educate himself further on different exercise techniques and proper nutrition. Scott’s strong passion for fitness propelled him to become an All-American collegiate golfer his senior year. Interestingly enough, Scott was not majoring in exercise science while in college but majoring in sports management. Scott started to have doubts about not being in the right field since his passion for fitness was so strong. Surprisingly, Scott ended up continuing all 4 years as a sports management major.

After graduation, Scott sought out a position at a college university working in the athletic department. A year went by and Scott had to make a change. He needed to take advantage of his knowledge and passion for golf and fitness and turn it into a career. That’s when Scott made the decision to create the successful, thriving business Sessions Be-Fit.

Scott became a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Certified Titleist Performance Institute Instructor (TPI), and a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS).

We have had the privilege of interviewing him!

Hi Scott, Welcome to Medium!

​​How did you get into golf?

My dad introduced me to the game and played my first round when I was 7. When I was 13, I started my first job as a caddy at Mt. Kisco CC, which made me fall in love with the game even more. I was not only playing golf all the time but I would have to watch others play when I caddied. My whole life revolved around golf.

-One skill that’s important when golfing?

Controlling your emotions. Skill-wise, you can be better than your opponent, but if you don’t have the mental game, you will never come out on top.

-One challenge you dealt with when trying to reach your goal of becoming a professional golfer? I couldn’t make the commitment to move. I was a homebody. I knew that if I really wanted to take my game to the next level, I’d have to move somewhere warm where I could practice and play all year round. I decided that I wanted to live a normal life, play for fun, and not have to practice 24/7.

-What drives you towards sports? I grew up playing a ton of sports. Being competitive is in my blood. I also have an addictive personality which is another reason I had so much success with golf. I got good, and got good, fast, so I was hooked. If I notice that I’m good at something, and this is with anything, I will put as much energy and time into it as possible to perfect it.

​​How did you create ‘Sessions Be-Fit?’

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I wanted to incorporate my last name “Sessions” into the name of my business because I wanted my name representing it and because I’m a trainer, everyone knows the term “training sessions” so it fits perfectly. I’ve actually never heard of a trainer with the last name, “Sessions”, so thats pretty unique. As for “Be-Fit, my ultimate goal is to spread my knowledge and experience to as many people around the world to help them Be-Fit.

Biggest influences: My family

One place you’d love to travel: Greece

Key element of exercising: There is no single element. I believe that if someone wants to get the most out of exercise and their body, you need flexibility, balance, cardiovascular endurance, strength, quality nutrition and recovery. Everything needs to work together in snyc. This is what I focus on with all of my clients, no matter what their goals are.

-Favorite healthy snack: Apple with peanut butter or a few squares of dark chocolate.

-What steps did you take to become the #1 junior golfer during your HS year?

I practiced or played every day and right when I got out of school. I also loved to practice, while many people just like to play. I feel that this gave me an edge over my competitors. When winter came along, I would continue to practice at the driving range, which had heated stalls.

-Favorite move in golf: The Greatest Game Ever Played

-Advice for those who want to become golfers. You have to be extremely patient and accept that nothing happens overnight. Having an exercise routine that includes flexibility, balance and strength training is mandatory in order to maximize your potential. Taking golf lessons is something I recommend. However, if you’re not improving your body, those lessons can only help so much.

You can find more about Sessions Be-Fit by visiting :

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