“The Path of his Legacy” — The Story of Juan Sánchez’ Rebirth

Introducing Juan Sánchez; a Barcelona pianist and composer, who has taken the plunge into the personal performance of his compositions only a short year ago. Juan began with piano at the age of 14, taking lessons at the conservatory. It was then a deep love for music was born within him and he became captivated by the notion of creating his own music. He played keyboard with various bands for over a decade, starting in the ‘80’s. In 1995 he spent five years in London studying music and technology which led him to start experimenting with instrumental-Ambient electronic music. Since then he has been creating multimedia music and sound libraries for music producers.

While Juan enjoyed his time as a sound designer and producer, he always dreamed for something more. It was when he discovered Ambient artists Ludovico Einaudi and Max Richter that his world opened up.

He was entranced and enlivened by the use of piano center stage to electronic sounds. Everything in him came alive! He yearned to play his own music and put himself out there as a professional musician. In spite of his lack of personal confidence, he continued his search, inspired too deeply to give up. That was when he found other neo-classical composers such as Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm. These artists inspired the confidence he needed to push himself through his fears and he composed the piece aptly named Rebirth which was the first of his autonomous pieces. Haunting and ethereal, this piece speaks to the exaltation a man finds when he steps onto the path of his legacy.

Juan recently began sharpening his mind and focus by taking growth and development seminars that changed his perceptions about himself and what was possible. He practiced the skills he learned fervently so he could truly reinvent himself which is why the name Rebirth spoke to who he was being so accurately.

Juan explains, “One day I was talking with a psychologist and I told him that I was very happy with my job as a music composer for multimedia, but the reason that got me started in music was that I wanted to become a professional pianist and composer of piano music, but life took me into a different direction and I became an Ambient music composer and sound designer. He replied saying that life puts you where you think you deserve you should be — that if I didn’t become a professional pianist and piano music composer it was because I never tried hard to become one. As Henry Ford said, ‘If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right!’

This made me think and I realized that the psychologist was right; I never had the confidence to try to become a professional pianist, which was the real reason. If you do not believe you can do something, then you don’t even try to do it. This conversation opened a new world for me and I decided that it was about time to fulfill this dream, so I started creating piano music.”

In March of 2019, Juan Sánchez took the leap of faith his whole life had been leading up to, and released the single Rebirth on Spotify and other music-streaming platforms. The response was undeniable. People everywhere began adding it to their public and personal playlists, praising it, and hungrily asking for more.

The reassurance from his fans was sweet music to his ears for he wanted to make that music desperately and their applause gave him wings to do it. One fan from Twitter sent him a link of one of his own piano compositions Juan inspired him to create for himself. Juan related to the beauty of what all this meant to him.

Juan created piece after riveting piece, the 9 track summation of which became his first album. He named it Rebirth after his first and most popular piece. Juan’s passion for music and understanding of the nuances of human emotion is palpable, even to the untrained ear.

Juan is currently creating new compositions for his second album he plans to release September, 2020, which will include more collaborations than the last. He has also signed distribution deals with a few record labels to help share his gift with a wider audience.

When inquiring as to what parts of his debut album Rebirth are his, Juan answers, “All the piano compositions have been created by me. The pieces that have string parts have been created by talented violin and cello player Yoed Nir. Some listeners, in particular the ones who are musicians and producers, have commented very nice things regarding the production of the album. This is thanks to composer and pianist Bruno Sanfilippo who has added his personal touch with the reverbs and delays heard in some of the compositions. He has helped me to create the Classical/Ambient feel I wanted for this album.”

Juan has uploaded a series of videos to his YouTube channel highlighting the visual imagery of mountains, oceans and skies accompanied by his glorious compositions in an otherworldly demonstration of art.

“Our natural world is alive with beauty and wonder. It is important for our peace of mind and our enthusiasm for life to love the world we live in and care for the earth and all living things. I hope that these videos will awaken a sense of awe and appreciation for our earth so that we can live in greater harmony with it.”

Each single has been recorded with a different piano and even in a different recording studio with other musicians collaborating to ensure every single track sounds original and unique. This just goes to show the kind of amazing mind you are dealing with when listening to Juan Sánchez.

Juan’s Ambient, haunting melodies can be found on Spotify and his website, among other places online. Do yourself a favor, stop reading, and go listen right now, starting with Rebirth! You’re in for a treat.

To find more about Juan Sánchez and his music, visit his website: www.juansanchezmusic.info



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